Dr. Sherri "Sam" Mason presents "Silent Springs Eternal: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson"

  • PRENDERGAST LIBRARY 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, NY, 14701-5098 United States

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 2017 at 7 PM

Dr. Sherri “Sam” Mason will illuminate Rachel Carson’s life, vision, and legacy. "Silent Spring" merges Carson's poetic and scientific writing as a means to change public policy to heal Earth. On the other hand, the EcoRead, "Under the Sea-Wind," represents the author's pure passion: revealing the beauty and miraculous wonders of Nature. The slide talk will be held in the Pendergast Library Community Room.

Professor of Chemistry, and Chair, Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences at SUNY at Fredonia, Dr. Mason has also played a role in transforming public policy. She and her team are helping heal the Great Lakes ecosystem. Search “Beads of Destruction” for her TEDx Talk.

Carson’s lifetime achievements as an author, naturalist, scientist, and editor-in-chief for the US Fish and Wildlife Service should be familiar to every American, "especially young men and women interested in environmental studies, politics, public policy, and women’s studies." For nearly sixty years, “Silent Spring” has been recognized as one of the most significant nature books of all time. 

Edward O. Wilson (Harvard University Professor, radical biologist, and two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author) categorizes Carson’s legacy like this: “One of the most important Americans of the twentieth century.” Therefore, an account of Carson’s legacy and “relevance to our times,” is appropriate. Healing Earth and healing humanity are Mason’s and Carson’s shared goals and passions.